Market Your Opportunities To Students

Marketing your organization and opportunities to students is a crucial component to any recruitment strategy. Below are some suggestions for increasing your visibility on campus and developing a successful recruitment plan for Ohio State.

General Guidelines

1. Develop a job posting that is attractive to students. Be detailed and specific. Students and recent graduates respond more strongly to a direct and transparent job description that includes a brief overview of your organization and its culture, and clearly outlines their day-to-day duties and responsibilities. Avoid ambiguous phrases and, if possible, omit specialized terminology and acronyms.

10 Secrets to Writing a Great Job Post

2. Timing is important. Unlike the working world, the university community operates on an academic calendar. Students are most active in their job or internship searches during the autumn and spring semesters. Summer is usually slower as students are away from Ohio State completing internships, participating in study abroad programs, or pursuing other activities. If possible, consider building your university recruitment strategy with this in mind.

3. Be patient. It can take up to 48 business hours for your position to be reviewed and approved for student view by career services staff and another few days for students to begin applying. Attractive position postings (see #1 above) generally receive more attention from students.

4. Consider your target audience. Career services at Ohio State are decentralized. If you are seeking candidates from a broad variety of backgrounds, you may want to reach out to other career services offices on campus to make them aware of your opportunities or on-campus recruitment events, so they may market them to their students. Click here for a list of all the career services offices on campus.

5. Leverage Ohio State’s network of student organizations. This is particularly useful if you are seeking a very specific population of students for your opportunity. A directory of all registered student organizations (over 1200) can be found here.

6. Get involved in students’ career development, even if you do not have current job openings. Consider participating in an employer panel or a mock interview day, conducting resume reviews, or holding open office hours to answer questions about your organization. Developing relationships with students is a key factor in promoting brand awareness.

Marketing an Info Session, Office Hours, or Interview Day

If you have scheduled an information session, office hours, or an interview day with us, our staff will work with you to market it ahead of your campus visit. To assist us wtih creating an event for our Events calendar, please send an email with your session's date, location, start and end time, and target audience (e.g., “all juniors and seniors”, “all juniors and seniors with majors in Communication, Journalism, or English"). Also include a short blurb that we may share with students and any special instructions (e.g. "bring a copy of your resume," "business professional attire is required").