Resume Book Access

Thank you for your interest in recruiting Ohio State University Arts and Sciences students and recent alumni for your position openings. Online resume books have been created in FutureLink, part of the Buckeye Careers Network to provide recruiters and hiring managers access to resumes of students or recent alumni who are actively seeking entry-level career employment or internship opportunities.

General Guidelines for Access

In order to gain access to resume books, employers must:

  • Have an approved recruiting account in FutureLink, part of the Buckeye Careers Network.
  • Request resume book access via our resume book access request form, not through NACElink OneStop.
  • Meet our general position posting policies.
  • Be recruiting for a population that uses Buckeye Careers Network as their primary recruiting platform.
  • Have an active position in Buckeye Careers Network that has been viewable to students a minimum of seven (7) calendar days.
  • Be recruiting for an internal, permanent position or internship. Third-party recruiters, staffing firms, contract-to-hire, and employers seeking to recruit for similar temporary roles are not permitted access, regardless of whether the position is internal or for a client.

Available Books

Resume books are created with the best interests of students in mind. This means books are designed both around their academic profiles as well as their interests and desired type of work experiences.

Resume books targeted to desired type of Career Employment and Internships are considered “opt in,” meaning the student must actively choose to be a part of the book.  This results in a smaller number of resumes being populated in the book.  

Resume books targeted to specific academic data – like majors and graduation dates - are considered “opt out,” meaning the student’s resume is automatically included in it unless the student chooses not to be.  This results in a much larger number of resumes published to the book.  Therefore, several guidelines have been established with regard to using these resume books.

  • The intent of these books is to supplement your recruiting efforts through the opt-in books. 
  • These books should only be used after attempts to recruit through the opt-in books have yielded few eligible candidates.
  • These books should be searched using specific keywords relative to the position for which you’re recruiting.

Employers will be given access to one opt-in book, and one opt-out book. Buckeye Careers Network staff will determine which books are appropriate to grant access to based on the position you are currently recruiting for in the system.

If you are primarily seeking resumes from the following academic areas, please do not complete this resume book access request and instead contact the appropriate office.

Appropriate Use

Your access to FutureLink and the Buckeye Careers Network resume books will be revoked if it appears you are not using specific keywords to find students or are downloading massive numbers of student resumes with no obvious commonalities between their resumes.

When accessing resumes, you as a representative of the employer, agree that the system is not to be used for solicitation, or for any purpose other than recruiting for career or internship opportunities.

Any misuse of this information may result in suspension of access privileges, and possibly further action by The Ohio State University and/or appropriate authorities.

Request Access to Resume Books

Resume book access requests are managed through an online form. To obtain the form link, please email