FutureLink Hidden Treasures

(*) indicates that a separate user guide for this resource is available in the User Guides section of our website.

Career Finder and Career Explorer
Located in the Resources tab at the top of the FutureLink homepage, the Career Finder and Career Explorer combine to assist you with exploring career fields. Take the short quiz in the Career Finder about the types of work that interest you. The tool then draws upon the Explorer to help determine best and great fit careers, based on your answers. Information in the Career Finder and Career Explorer are drawn from the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET Online.

Resume Builder*
FutureLink’s Resume Builder provides a unique virtual approach to resume development. You may choose from a variety of resume outlines and enter your content to build your resume online in real time. Resumes built using this tool are fully customizable – choose a layout that best suits your needs, change your font and margin sizes, and more!

You may save resumes to your FutureLink Documents tab with a click of a button, allowing you to easily access them for job or internship applications. You may also export them to Microsoft Word to save them to your computer.

To get started using Resume Builder, log into your account, hover over the Resources tab and choose Resume Builder.

Resume Books*
Publishing your resume to a resume book in FutureLink is an efficient way to maximize your job or internship search because it allows employers to contact you about an opportunity, if they feel you may be a good fit, rather than you having to apply to every single position you think may be right for you. By submitting your resume to a resume book, you cast a broad net for potential internship and employment opportunities.

Keep in mind that once your resume is available to employers, you need to be ready to expect a call at any time. A professional voicemail message goes a long way toward impressing an employer!

You can publish your resume to a number of targeted resume books in FutureLink. To review them, log into your account and hover over the Documents tab on the home page. Then choose the Targeted Resume Books option.

Recommended Jobs
Appearing on the home page, Recommended Jobs features opportunities that the system thinks may be a good fit for you based on information in your personal and academic profiles, previous positions you have viewed, applications you have submitted, employers you have favorited, and other key information. Results are presented as a percentage match (e.g. 95%).

The Recommended Jobs feature is especially helpful for students who know they need to begin the internship or job search, but aren’t exactly sure what they are looking for. Reading through recommended jobs is also a great introduction to the terminology and lingo used in job postings.

Note that Recommended Jobs are not the only jobs for which you might be qualified. Be sure to visit the Jobs and Internships tab to search for additional opportunities.

Employer Directory and Employer Contact Directory
As career services professionals, we tell students to thoroughly research the companies they’re targeting, especially ahead of an interview. Nothing puts an employer off more quickly than when a prospective employee walks in the door and says something like “So, can you tell me what you do?”

FutureLink’s Employer Directory can help you begin the research process. Upon creating a job posting account with us, all employers are asked to complete their company profiles. Also during that process, they can also choose to release their contact information to you (which is really awesome!). Both the Employer Directory and Employer Contact Directory can be accessed by hovering over the Employers tab on your FutureLink homepage.

NACE Career Advice
Developed by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), Career Advice offers a direct connection for students to the job and internship advice offered on the NACE website. Topics covered include resume writing, interview tips, trends in the job market, helpful information regarding salary, and job search strategies.

This resource is available in FutureLink’s Resources tab

Screenshot of NACElink Extended Network in FutureLinkScreenshot of GoinGlobal in FutureLink

NACElink Extended Job Search
If your job or internship search features a specific location outside Ohio or the Great Lakes region, consider using the NACElink Extended Job Search to broaden your search. Sponsored by the career services office’s professional organization, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the NACElink Extended Search pulls position postings from a number of other job boards and allows you to review them all in one place.

To use the NACElink Extended job search, hover over the Jobs and Internships tab on your FutureLink homepage and choose NACElink Extended Search. Note that this resource is external to FutureLink and positions are not vetted by the Arts and Sciences Career Services Office.

GoinGlobal/USA Career and City Guides*
Jump start your search for finding work abroad! GoinGlobal features career resources for more than 30 countries (and growing!) around the world as well as a robust job and internship search database. Country-specific resources such as job search advice, work permit and visa regulations, resume writing and interviewing guidelines, and more are free to access and easy to use.

USA Career and City Guides feature similar career resources for a large number of U.S. cities and metropolitan areas. The job and internship database is also available to users seeking positions in the United States. Check it out if you are seeking a job or internship in a specific location outside Ohio!

GoinGlobal and the USA Career and City Guides can be accessed from your FutureLink homepage.

The career services office subscribes to this third-party resource to assist you with your search. Job and internships posted here are not vetted by the Arts and Sciences Career Services Office.