Career Prep Advising

Just as obtaining a degree consists of classes that build upon one another until you reach an expected level of proficiency, moving successfully from the classroom to the workplace is also a process that requires you to take action and reflect.  Take action now to build a strong resume.  Take action now to establish professional relationships with those who can serve as your references.  Opportunities abound for taking action via internships, volunteer roles, student research positions, and the other forms of workplace learning that are popular options among students in the Arts and Sciences!  

FutureLink is a great starting point for identifying internships and other types of resume builders to pursue before you graduate, and a Career Prep Advisor can assist you along the way with your search.

Assistance Provided by Career Prep Advisors

Each Career Prep Advisor tracks opportunities associated with particular career clusters.  You can view information about the career advising staff and the clusters they advise on here.  When you meet with a Career Prep Advisor, they can:

  • assist you with identifying and considering how specific resume builders will support your career goals
  • suggest strategies aimed at enhancing your candidacy for opportunities
  • help you understand the selection process from the perspective of internship coordinators (or those at the other workplace learning sites you are considering)
  • advise on a recommended timeline for conducting your search in relation to when you want to do a resume builder
  • assist with finding opportunities in geographic and/or career areas not included among the postings in FutureLink
  • help you evaluate how a particular experience contributed to your skill set, and discuss how to best capture the experience on your resume

Obtaining an Appoinment with a Career Prep Advisor

All students interested in meeting with a Career Prep Advisor are required to bring to their first appointment a resume approved by the Arts and Sciences Career Services Office. Learn more about how to obtain an approved resume.

Before you can obtain an appointment with a Career Prep Advisor you will also need to indicate which career cluster best describes your interests at this point in time.  We recognize that you may be hesitant to commit to a particular career area to pursue at this point in your studies, and are looking for an experience that will allow you to explore career options.  We recommend that you review the career clusters overview prior to starting the process for obtaining an approved resume.  The career clusters are groupings of broad career areas.  Chances are you will see a connection between your interest areas and at least one of the clusters!

Obtaining Assistance with Your Post-Graduation Job Search

The Arts and Sciences Career Services Office offers a variety of tools and resources to help you get started with your search. In addition, you may wish to schedule an appointment with Career Counseling and Support Services to discuss how to efficiently and effectively execute your job search. The service is free and available to alumni for two sessions up to one semester past graduation.